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&US, the combination of brand-leading advertising agency and management consultancy for sales led by managing directors Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek, will work together with Donau to strengthen the positioning of the insurance brand in a sustainable manner over the coming years. Europe’s first growth consultancy will not only be responsible for the further development of the Donau brand, but also for advising on digital marketing and sales measures, and the implementation of advertising measures.

Now that Donau Versicherung has already successfully repositioned itself, the path it has taken should become even more tangible for customers, employees and partners in the coming years. Donau Versicherung is relying on the expertise of &US to further develop the insurance brand in the long term.

“Donau is an Austrian insurance company with tradition, which is always oriented towards the requirements of new and existing customers,” says &US managing director Helmut Kosa, explaining the background to the collaboration. “We are delighted to be able to support the next steps in development for a successful company using our expertise in the areas of communication and sales. A strong brand position and the opportunities offered by digitalisation will play an important role.” In addition to continuous development and positioning of the Donau brand, &US will advise the Austrian insurer on digital marketing and sales.

Ulrike Promberger

“We want to be perceived in the market as Austria’s most customer-oriented insurer, and we want to make this even more tangible. In &US we’ve found the perfect partner for our communication goals, as they combine brand expertise with a strong understanding of sales challenges.”

Head of Sales, service & marketing at Donau Versicherung

Photos, reprinted free of charge, Ulrike Promberger, Head of Sales Service & Marketing at Donau Versicherung, und Helmut Kosa, Geschäftsführer &US © Donau