After winning the tender at the beginning of 2020, the Vienna-based growth consultancy &US, led by joint managing directors Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek, is launching a new advertising campaign for DONAU to promote the customer and service-oriented positioning of the insurance brand. 

The newly designed advertising campaign for DONAU – which has about 700,000 customers throughout Austria – continues the ‘This is how I imagine it’ campaign, adding a new campaign element ‘Yes’. This is communicated through executions of clear and positive answers that address the needs of customers from ‘Yes, we’re listening’ and ‘Yes, you can talk to us’, to “Yes, we are near you’ and ‘Yes, we will take care of your rights’, to ‘Yes, we will protect your home or ‘Yes, we want your assets to grow safely’. The campaign began mid-August 2020, primarily on TV, on posters and in high-reach online media. It has been designed in cooperation with growth consultancy &US – the first combination of a brand-leading advertising agency and management consultancy for sales and distribution led by managing directors Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek. “The strong and positive campaign element ‘Yes’ puts the DONAU brand claim in the foreground in an optimal way and confirms in an attention-grabbing way the positioning of DONAU as a customer and service-oriented insurance company. DONAU already achieved a significant increase in awareness with the last campaign. We now want to develop this growth further in a sustainable manner,” explains Helmut Kosa.

Reinhard Gojer
“With us, people are the centre of attention,” says Reinhard Gojer, chief sales officer of DONAU Versicherung. “With the ‘Yes’ campaign we underline the positive and supportive attitude we live towards our customers. As a regional Austrian insurer, we are close to our customers, listen attentively, give clear answers and understand their individual needs. We are a reliable partner for all insurance and pension issues. Our claim is that at the end of the day everyone can say with conviction: ‘Donau Versicherung. This is my idea of what I want’.

Chief Sales Officer at DONAU Versicherung

Picture: We are listening © DONAU &US, Steinbach Gmbh