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The new collaboration between media investment expert GroupM and &US provides companies with a comprehensive analysis of their ‘growth readiness’ for the first time in Austria.

Instinctively, companies react to crises in a similar way to people: focus on the essential – reduce to a minimum everything not immediately necessary. However, this can also be a risk to the success of the company.

“The willingness to grow is a guarantee for survival and makes companies more resistant to crises,” says Helmut Kosa, managing partner of growth consultancy &US. Crises offer both short-term opportunities – such as gaining market share or reacting faster to changes in demand behaviour and long-term opportunities through the emergence of new trends and entire industries.

But how well is a company actually positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities? Is it ready to grow? Are all units prepared for growth? The new &US Growth Check provides answers to these and many other relevant questions.

“In our work with clients, we’ve found that although discussions with them are always about growth, company managers often don’t know or aren’t aware of the internal drivers and barriers to growth,” explains Kosa. “Sometimes the topic of ‘growth’ is purely a wish of the management, rather than practised in the company. Here we offer a comprehensive hexagonal analysis that provides the client with well-founded starting points for growth-oriented orientation in six dimensions.

“Since our competences complement each other well, the collaboration came about of its own accord,” adds GroupM CEO Andreas Vretscha. “Our strengths and experience combine to create a powerful offering. In the process, a wide range of areas are analysed from sales processes, digital transformation to brand positioning, with a view to their readiness for growth.”

The &US Growth Check is a multi-dimensional analysis of the client company, based on intensive research, data analysis of internal company structure and external market position, as well as qualitative interviews with employees and key personnel.

This results in a benchmark versus a best-in-class ideal. The cooperation partners aim to address companies of all sizes, industries and sectors in the German-speaking world, both with a regional and global perspective.

After only six weeks, the Growth Check produces strategically relevant information. In which areas is the organisation well positioned for growth and where are there real growth blockers where the first thing to do to get properly ‘growth ready’ is to take action?


Press release: &US and GroupM: Together for the growth drivers

Erich Silhanek

It’s a mixture of strategy audit, data review and qualitative interviews that makes the Growth Check so attractive and so effective at covering all areas relevant to growth.

Managing Partner at &US

Foto_GroupM_And-us © Joachim Haslingerv.l.t.r.: Helmut Kosa (Managing Partner &US), Andreas Vretscha (CEO GroupM), Erich Silhanek (Managing Partner &US), Georg Gartlgruber (Head of Trading GroupM)