Our goal: your growth

Our approach

Growth is crucial to every company but until now we have lacked a holistic approach to this critical subject.

The important question is: Is your company truly ready to grow? Our analyses surprisingly often give a negative answer. That’s why our services are comprehensively dedicated to growth consulting – with the aim of creating the conditions for sustainable growth in your company and enabling that growth to happen.

Our hexagonal &US Growth Model© delivers integrated solutions for sales, efficiency and brand.

The hexagonal &US Growth Model©

The &US Growth Model© consists of Growth Driver and Growth Base. Our Growth Driver programme synchronises marketing and sales, based on clear strategy and positioning. Growth Base sets the entire business model – the human factor, the organisation, and performance-relevant key figures in relation to growth targets.

By working together using the &US Growth Model© we take on the role of your active sparring partner – from analysis and concept to implementation and change management.

Together we maximise existing sales and optimise communication of clear strategies for sustainable sales growth.

Driving growth

We identify the growth drivers in your company and show how they often become growth blockers.

Marketing and sales are what create growth. But in too many companies, marketing and sales do not work in synchrony. Instead, they may even work against one another.

For example, the sales department claims that marketing does not have sufficiently close contact with the customer, or that prices are set too high. Marketing believes that sales focuses too shortsightedly on individual customers and short-term sales at the expense of long-term profits.

Our task is to eliminate the loss of energy between the growth drivers of marketing and sales, and to align both with a common strategy and positioning.

This creates significant improvements in key performance indicators: sales cycles become shorter, market entry costs decrease, and the cost of sales is reduced – offering real chance to outperform competitors.

Basis for growth

We develop a solid data basis on which to make your decisions. Assumptions and ‘gut feeling’ have had their time and place.

Sustainable corporate growth requires a solid foundation that takes analytical and empathic factors into account. It’s the essential foundation for your business development and realignment process, as well as for the empowerment of people and organisation.

We become intensively involved in the preparation and analysis of your data so that you can make validated decisions to optimise performance and sustainable company growth.

Tools for business growth

You gain a new perspective on the success factors that make growth in your company possible – or prevent it.

&US Growth Funnel

We synchronise the activities of the two growth drivers, marketing and sales, to give a common and customer-centric perspective on the buying process.

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&US Growth Ecosystem

We optimise customer orientation, competitive orientation and cross-functional coordination with our outside-in/inside-out approach.

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