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&US Growth Check©

Get ready to grow

The &US Growth Check© identifies growth potential in your company.

The &US Growth Check© provides you with a decisive overview of your company’s ability to exploit growth potential.

Within six weeks you will get a detailed insight into the characteristics of the growth drivers in your company and learn all about any growth blockers.

The &US Growth Check© gives you concrete indications of where action is needed, and creates a solid basis for organisational changes aimed at generating sustainable growth.

Advantages to you
  • An overview of growth-relevant areas within 6 weeks
  • Identified growth drivers and blockers in your company
  • Starting points for growth-enhancing measures
  • A solid foundation for organisational change related to growth
  • The basis for sustainable corporate growth

Strong partners for company growth

The &US Growth Check© in partnership with GroupM identifies your potential for growth.

&US is a growth consultancy that enables sustainable business growth through integrated solutions in terms of revenue, efficiency and brand.
&US and group m

GroupM is a global network of media agencies shaping the next era of media.

Our maturity model

The &US Growth Check© provides holistic insights at a glance. In the maturity model, growth drivers and blockers are systematically presented. The classification is based on a four-level scale that shows the maturity level of your company compared to industry benchmarks. This potential analysis forms the basis for measures for sustainable company growth.

The model with exemplary test results:

and-us ready to grow

360-degree potential analysis

The &US Growth Check© is a multidimensional analysis and combines qualitative with quantitative methods for a holistic view of growth potential in your company. This approach results in a benchmark classification versus a best-in-class ideal picture.

&US Growth Check

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