Milestones of our growth consultancy


Helmut Kosa
Will Billa Plus become Rewe Minus?
With the planned renaming of Merkur to Billa Plus, the Rewe Group is pursuing a strategy with many unanswered questions. Can the challenge to market leader Spar succeed? From April 2021, following Konsum, Pam Pam,...
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KPMG and &US launch joint consultancy to promote business growth
Auditing and consulting firm KPMG and growth consultant &US have come together to support clients in customising strategies to grow profitably in challenging times. This one-stop service supports companies not only in developing and implementing...
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Eight tips for sustainable corporate growth despite the crisis
Many industries are currently seriously affected by coronavirus, putting companies under pressure to quickly revive their growth as soon as possible. Which fundamental growth strategies will help them through this crisis in the short term...
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&US GroupM
The “&US-Growth Check” for companies – growth fit out of crisis
The new collaboration between media investment expert GroupM and &US provides companies with a comprehensive analysis of their ‘growth readiness’ for the first time in Austria. Instinctively, companies react to crises in a similar way...
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Frey, Kosa and Silhanek found new agency “LEADS&CONTENT”
The name is Programme, unique approach in the German-speaking world. Dominik Frey founded the new agency LEADS&CONTENT together with Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek. The name is programme, unique approach in the German-speaking world. Dominik...
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Sebastian Strobel
Sebastian Strobel new Senior Consultant at &US
As senior consultant, Sebastian Strobel leads growth projects from analysis and concept to implementation and change management. Based on a strong positioning, he focuses on sustainable sales and profit growth. Under the slogan ‘Make the...
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&US launches DONAU campaign: “JA, so stell ich mir das vor”
After winning the tender at the beginning of 2020, the Vienna-based growth consultancy &US, led by joint managing directors Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek, is launching a new advertising campaign for DONAU to promote the...
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&US Milka Muttertag
Milka &US launch new chocolate campaign for Mother’s and Father’s Day
Under the slogan ‘Not so easy lately – thanks, Mum/Dad, especially now!’  growth consultancy &US has developed a new Milka campaign for Milka Austria and Germany for Mother's and Father's Day, which responds to the...
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&US News Donau Versicherung
Donau Versicherung and &US go together
&US, the combination of brand-leading advertising agency and management consultancy for sales led by managing directors Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek, will work together with Donau to strengthen the positioning of the insurance brand in...
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