Growth through data-based decision-making

Performance Consulting

We make measurable the contribution of your investments to growth, creating valid data for decision-making.

Gut decisions and inadequate success control reduce the controllability of your company, prevent systematic learning and, therefore, maximum return on your investments.

To gain advantage over the competition, you need validated decisions based on sound data.

&US performance consulting creates the necessary structure for long-term corporate growth, focusing on key performance indicators with which we can systematically generate leads and opportunities. In doing this we expand the approaches that have been digitally focused up to now, such as performance marketing and growth hacking, by taking a holistic view of analogue channels. This creates a comprehensive view of the entire customer purchasing process and the omnichannel experience.

Aligning these performance measurement systems with the growth strategy enables a balanced approach for improved planning and performance management. It can include processes for short- and long-term measures and performance marketing, as well as data-driven decision-making.

With a holistic approach to performance consulting, the growth-relevant developments of the company are made transparent. The company’s growth can therefore be sustainably optimised.

Stefanie Grüner, Project Management & Concept