Development of an overall digital architecture for an international distribution company.PERFORMANCE CONSULTING
An internationally operating distribution company with brands in the B2B and B2C sectors commissioned us to develop an overall digital architecture to support internal and external processes.

The company was in the process of implementing SAP to support its internal commercial workflow. Solutions for the digitalisation of sales and marketing processes and for the interface to customers were still to be developed.

Implementation of project

We conceptually redesigned the digital environment, laying the foundation for a seamless front office solution at the interface to the existing digital structure.

Working together in a multidisciplinary team of experts from marketing, sales, strategy and information technology, we created a detailed concept for the overall digital architecture. This formed the basis for innovative and integrated Sales & Customer Service Digital Solutions – from website to dealer portal. These solutions were developed and refined over several months in ongoing sprint meetings.


We achieved three essential goals with the outcome of the project: the basis for efficient investments in digital communication solutions was laid, workflow was streamlined, and the service design solutions created a target group experience that clearly distinguished us from the competition.