Consolidation of brand image and expansion of sales figuresCREATIVE SOLUTIONS
The Mondelez chocolate brand entrusted us with the task of consolidating its brand image and increasing sales.

Competition in the chocolate sector is particularly intense during the Christmas period. Here Milka must continue to assert itself against an ever-increasing number of competitors.

Implementation of project

The Milka chocolate house was at the centre of the campaign. Customers were invited to build a chocolate house together – taking the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones and give free rein to their creativity. They were inspired to build their personal chocolate house from various Milka products and to post a photo of it under #MilkaSchokohaus.


The campaign not only resulted in a large amount of user-generated content, but above all in an increase in sales figures and the creation of a new core value of togetherness, which in turn contributed enormously to the brand image.