Business model development for a manufacturer of hearing aids in jewellery design.Strategy & Businesss Consulting
An international company acquired a start-up that combines hearing aids with the world of jewellery through innovative products. We were commissioned with the comprehensive development of a growth strategy and an internationally scalable business model.

The previously acquired company had already been active in the German market for several years and had built up a regional base of existing customers. However, the existing business model limited further growth and restricted follow-up business with those customers.

Implementation of project

A lean business development model was chosen as the approach. This reduced uncertainties and complexity in the process into deliberately short, iterative cycles and enabled early testing of hypotheses. A particularly intensive, qualitative approach was chosen for the customer-centred positioning of the company and the brand so that all strategic considerations could be built on the customer requirements.


The results of this process were condensed into a business model canvas and validated through testing to reduce uncertain variables. Additionally, initial visualisations were developed for the launch to make the results more visible.