Synchronising growth drivers

Sales & Marketing Alignment

We optimise the often-inadequate cooperation between marketing and sales, one of the biggest growth blockers in any company.

Based on your strategic objectives, we analyse the current status of cooperation between these vital teams. We identify potential for improvement, formulate objectives, implement them together with management, and partner you through the change process.

Based on our hexagonal &US growth model, we combine the results of the analysis with growth strategy and company positioning. From this we develop growth-oriented targets and packages of measures as drivers for improved alignment of marketing and sales.

An example of this is the implementation of cross-functional understanding and learning: ‘common market intelligence’, improved communication, coordinated vision and strategy, incentive systems and KPIs, management approach etc.

The result is that marketing and sales work more synchronously, leading to a significant improvement in key performance indicators: shorter sales cycles, reduced market entry costs, profit growth and maximised business performance.

&US is shaping a new attitude to consulting – an attitude that confidently stands up for the effectiveness of concepts and change.
Sebastian Strobel, Senior Consultant