Marketing- & Sales-Strategy

Strategy development for brands and businesses. Our strategy development process includes everything from the strategic starting point through to the full implementation of the entire process of a successful project.


Brand Positioning

With brand positioning and management, the foundations are laid to establish a strong brand.

Content Creation

We believe in creativity, addressing the problem head-on and delivering a game-changing response through the glasses of efficiency and effectiveness. The creation and implementation of content ranges from the development of campaigns through to outsourced content management for companies.

Brand Activation

Based on the brand positioning, brand activation covers the correct strategy, creation and implementation of sales-driven campaigns and activities.


Business Modelling

We analyse and optimise existing business models and use our methods to develop new ones.

Digital Transformation

Based on the latest technological possibilities, this means findings new solutions for commercial challenges which are right for the business in question.

Sales Optimization

The optimization of existing sales structures is a continuous process. This is a significant factor in increasing efficiency and sales success. We provide support in optimising existing sales structures and creating new ones.


Technology is our raw material. We develop new technological solutions and take advantage of existing platforms to allocate the best technical solution for each specific task.


Data is currently a hype and sensitive subject. We use it carefully so that target groups can be addressed appropriately.


Measuring all activities is an important part of the ongoing optimization of all activities, which is why this is a permanent part of our operations.


Customer relationships are the focus of all daily sales. We develop target group-oriented solutions in order to continually improve these.

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