The name is Programme, unique approach in the German-speaking world. Dominik Frey founded the new agency LEADS&CONTENT together with Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek.

The name is programme, unique approach in the German-speaking world. Dominik Frey founded the new agency LEADS&CONTENT together with Helmut Kosa and Erich Silhanek. 

“A logical step at probably the right time” is how Dominik Frey describes the new company. “Due to the current crisis, many companies are under serious pressure. The acquisition of new customers is particularly difficult due to the general conditions. This makes the question all the more important: how do I get new customers and how can I intensify existing customer relationships?” Concentrated expertise under one roof
Services of LEADS&CONTENT range from sales consulting/conception and CRM/data management to the creation of the right content such as moving images, PR and digital storytelling, customer loyalty apps and innovative new solutions. “In the area of new customer strategy, content is often underestimated or misused nowadays,” says Helmut Kosa. “Optimised content design, targeted playout in the right channels, and ongoing performance optimisation of campaigns are an essential part of lead generation. This makes the bundled offer of LEADS&CONTENT the ideal approach. “Thanks to the many years of experience of the hands-on entrepreneurs in agency, media, digital and dialogue marketing, LEADS&CONTENT has access to an extensive network of professionals to guarantee sustainable and qualitative implementation of all content, performance and lead topics under one roof.

Neutral and independent

“LEADS&CONTENT is a neutral and independent partner,” explains Dominik Frey. “With us the client gets only what makes sense for the generation of new customers and intensification of existing customers – no more, no less, and according to the brand slogan: Leads are king – we’re your (new) customer magnet. &US and love2care love2care is Dominik Frey’s social responsibility company with the vision of making philanthropic donation a lifestyle. Its mission is to encourage younger people especially to donate and support non-profit organisations throughout Europe. love2care can be an innovative tool for LEADS&CONTENT customers to generate leads and push brands, products and testimonials.


Erich Silhanek
“The topic of lead generation and content production is an ideal extension of the &US service portfolio. LEADS&CONTENT is an important piece of the puzzle that we have missed for many clients, just as it will be very fertile the other way round.”

Managing Partner bei LEADS&CONTENT and &US

Picture: Management of the LEADS&CONTENT agency l.t.r.: Helmut Kosa, Dominik Frey, Erich Silhanek © Fabian Steppan, reprint free of charge