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Unique in Europe

Until now, there have been management consultants for strategy, marketing and sales on the one hand, and brand-leading advertising agencies to support marketing on the other. Both worked to promote company growth according to their competences – but in an unsynchronised way, with different priorities and corresponding frictional losses. This was inefficient from the outset – as results showed.

&US pursues a completely new approach.

&US intentionally brings together the best thinkers and doers across these related disciplines: consultants for strategy, marketing, sales, brand, advertising and creative, digital transformation and change management – with a common mission to promote sustainable corporate growth.

We’re your active sparring partner and work together with you to grow your business. From analysis and conception, to operational implementation and change management.

Our beliefs

We think growth, we develop growth, we live growth.


We solve problems for people. We believe in people-centeredness and the power of empathy.


We believe in synchronising marketing and sales on the basis of a clear strategy and positioning. Integrated solutions bring significant improvement in all key performance indicators.


We believe in iterative process thinking, driven by testing and development.
Sequential silo thinking, conversely, slows companies down.


We believe in the power of creativity and the claim to innovation. A company’s greatest enemy is the preservation of outdated patterns of thought and action.


We believe in the power of data and validated decisions as guarantee for sustainable growth.

Managing Partners

Erich Silhanek

The main focus of Erich’s activity is strategy and organisational consulting – the transformation and support of organisational change processes with a focus on sales, marketing and management We offer consulting on questions of restructuring and optimisation of companies, sales management, alignment of sales and marketing, and global management.

Helmut Kosa

The main focus of Helmut’s work is corporate and brand positioning, brand strategy with its implementation in advertising and sales, and its influence on the optimisation of business models. Additionally, consulting in strategic questions with focus on innovation, marketing, sales, advertising and transformation processes in marketing and sales.

Our customers work in and from Europe

Experience of our team

&US may be a newly-founded company but our experts bring years of experience with the following brands: