Auditing and consulting firm KPMG and growth consultant &US have come together to support clients in customising strategies to grow profitably in challenging times. This one-stop service supports companies not only in developing and implementing measures to increase sales, but also in optimising their internal cost structure.

“We’re convinced that companies which seize the opportunity to expand their range of services by broadening their value chain or making targeted acquisitions will emerge stronger from the crisis,” says KPMG partner Jürgen Mellitzer. “The current situation shows how crucial a comprehensive and consistent digitalisation strategy is in addressing customers. We’re both excited about the opportunities that digitalisation brings for optimising internal structures and processes.” 

Together with &US, the goal is to develop growth initiatives based on a common goal and expectation, as well as uniform structures and processes, taking into account the optimisation of the internal cost structure. The consulting services are aimed at all companies, especially those that are currently putting their business model to the test, want to identify new growth opportunities, or are already in a restructuring phase.

Focus on strategy, marketing and sales

&US focuses on corporate growth: “Sustainable growth arises from the core of a company. Growth drivers include positioning and differentiation, marketing and sales, as well as the exploitation of innovation potential. The basis for growth is the overall strategy, business model, organisation, and corporate management,” explains Helmut Kosa, Managing Partner &US. 

In essence, &US correlates the basic elements with those of growth drivers in a specially developed model to enable growth. KPMG provides support in the strategic alignment as well as optimisation of processes.

Jürgen Mellitzer

We look at the individual building blocks of a company from a meta-level in order to accurately deploy critical and mostly scarce resources.

KPMG Partner