Success factor market orientation

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We optimise customer orientation, competitive orientation and cross-functional coordination with our outside-in/inside-out approach.

To be successful in today’s business world, you need an orientation that…

  • generates market information across the entire organisation
  • disseminates the information to all parts of the company
  • enables an effective response to the information.

The combined outside-in/inside-out approach enables you to effectively pool resources and develop growth-related skills.

The three main components of this approach are customer orientation, competitive orientation and cross-functional coordination. No part of the company is more integrally involved with the first two components than sales and marketing. However, in many companies the relationship between sales and marketing suffers from disharmony and mistrust and is a troublesome source of growth-blocking conflicts.

We support you in aligning sales and marketing from a people-centred, outside-in perspective. In this way, we enable people and organisations to communicate the defined values from an inside-out perspective.